Pseudo styles

A hypertext link has a behaviour which depends on context.  It's default appearance is color: blue for a new link, purple for a visited link and red for an active link. CCS1 defines what it calls pseudo classes for this behaviour, so that you can modify each independently. It is also possible to borrow the 'hover' behaviour from CSS2., which is determined by the cursor being over the element, but this applies to all elements, not just hypertext links. The syntax is:

  { color: black; }
  { text-decoration: none }
  { text-transform: uppercase; }

Blocks of text can also have their appearance modified, using a traditional typographical approach, where the first letter, or the first line of a paragraph may be typeset in a difference way. We can identify these styles using the following syntax:

  { color: red }
  { float: left; font-size : 300%; }
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