CSS Design Tools

EWD features several techniques and tools for working with styles on your web site. We have seen how we can specify CSS options in the Page Options dialog, but the tools we have go further than just specifying where style get placed in your site (inline, internal or external).

CSS Properties for a new pageModifying style properties of elements

When working on your page you have access to the Tag Properties and CSS Properties task panes. Without a style sheet attached the CSS Properties looks like this.

If you want to apply styles you can create a style sheet and attach it to your page or work with styles within the page. Either way your first style will need to be added to the new page. You can right click the Applied Rules section of the CSS Properties task pane and choose New Style or New Inline Style.

New Inline Style automatically brings up the list of style possibilities for you to amend. The applied inline styling is listed in the Apply Styles task pane.

New Style ... brings up a dialog allowing you to create a new style bas on a tag name, id or class. You can modify styles in the dialog, or close it and modify them in the CSS Properties task pane. To apply the style you select it in the Apply Styles task pane.

If you are working in Design View you will see the visual changes on your page as you work through your style changes.

Cascaded CSS Properties in task paneModifying a class or id rule set

Clicks in your page are tracked by the CSS Properties task pane and it continuously update showing the set of style which are being applied to your current editing position on the page.

The screenshot shows the rules that are being applied while editing this very paragraph. As you can see the paragraph is in a <div> element with id main, which is in turn in a <div> element with id content, which is in the <body>. The task pane only shows those elements for which styles have been created. In this case the style are in the style sheet called StyleSheet.css.

You can select any of the rules and manipulate them directly while still seeing the immediate effects on your page design.

Apply Styles Task PaneThe Apply Styles task pane

This task pane lists all available styles, either in file, the external style sheet(s) or inline if you have an element selected which has an inline style. If you click on a style it will attempt to apply it to the current element. You must be careful with this as you may override an existing style or end up with duplicate ids. You will be warned if this happens.

Styles can be moved between the internal styles and style sheet by dragging them in the Apply Styles or Manage Styles task panes. If you have an inline style you can right click it and make a copy of it. This gives you the opportunity to name it or attach it to specific tags. The original inline style can then be deleted if you so wish.

Manage Styles Task PaneManage Styles task pane

This task pane become more useful once you have an existing set of styles, but it can be used to create styles too. Choosing a style makes it available for editing in the CSS Properties task pane independent of your current editing location in your page. Again you will see the changes on your design immediately.

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