Google Maps demonstration

This page demonstrates how you can include an interactive map within your page. Although this page is a static XHTML web page it uses JavaScript to import a map from Google Maps.

The Google Maps web service is free, but you must register and provide the URL of the web site which will use the map service. There are full instructions on how to use Google Maps on the Google Maps web site.

In and around Chester


If you can read this either:

  • your web browser has not got JavaScript enabled
  • your web browser does not support JavaScript
  • you have copied the code for this page and you are trying to run it from a different location

You can view the source for this page, but it is probably more instructive to look at the examples on the Google Maps documentation page


Both Microsoft and Yahoo offer similar mapping services. Microsoft's offering doesn't require a key tied to the URL of your site, so is more simple to get working in both a test and production environment. All three services are able to offer advanced features built into your web page using JavaScript to interface to the service. Features such as route directions and route planning can be built using the range of functions in the JavaScript library(s).

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