Find your web service

You may have been given the details of a web service, but in many cases the developer will need to identify a suitable web service. Fortunately there are several web service repositories which act as brokers for service providers. In some cases the web services are freely available, but high value services may come at a cost, usually by subscription.

To demonstrate the process we will look at the web services hosted by WebServiceX. On their site you can find a wide range of web services fulfilling a range of business functions.

If you browse to a particular function you are interest in you are presented with full details of the service and an opportunity to test it using an online form. More importantly there are direct links to the information that is required by your development tools to integrate the web service into your page.

The test form (non-functioning) for the Global Weather web service is shown below:


Get weather report for all major cities around the world.


To test the operation using the HTTP POST protocol, click the 'Invoke' button.
Parameter Value

The limitation of the test form is that it returns XML formatted results over which you have no control. The point of web services is that you use them behind the scenes (not from a form) to build your page content. For this we need some form of active page.

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